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September 8, 2006

Email Spam – Misuse of Ebay brand

Filed under: Awareness — Dinesh Gajbhiye @ 9:50 am

I got this mail today, it looks like it came to me from ebay, and seems very real. After reading the content of the mail I am sure many of us will fall prey to such genuine-looking mail. You dig into it and find that the main action button “Respond now” isn’t from but from some fake IP although all other links in the mail are valid links on expect the main action item.
Though I have an account on and not (from where this mail seems to be originated), and moreover my this email address isn’t registered with ebay, it made it sure that it was nothing but a spam. Look at the below screenshot of the email, doesn’t it look like real?

God, these guys are really crazy and work very hard! I wish they could put this hard work in goodwill and not in such bad deeds.
Culprit IP – (mouse over the “Respond now” button and see this IP in status bar )
Victim: ebay and ofcourse me if I would have clicked the button

Email Subject: Question from member
Email From: <>

Email Content: see screenshot below – (click on image to view enlarged view)
Spam mail with subject, Question from member, looks orginal from ebay but its fake


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