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February 19, 2007

Free Nokia Phone Prank

Filed under: Awareness,Hoax email,Safety and Security — Dinesh Gajbhiye @ 2:57 pm

First there was a prank of Bill Gates sharing his fortune and now this 😉 Don’t understand how people can believe on such mails and act as per the instructions given in the mail without verifying. Just a minutes search on Internet and you will come to know 3 facts about this mail:
1. This is a Hoax
2. The email address is invalid
3. Nokia denies any such promotion (obviously why a world leader will give out its products for free?)

<email content start>

Dear All,

 I just want you guys to take hold of this  opportunity from NOKIA. NOKIA   is distributing cell phones for free over the internet to compete with Ericsson, which is doing the   same. They want to be better known through the Internet by word of mouth and so they are giving away their new WAP phone.  All you need to do is mail this to 8 of your acquaintances. In two weeks you will receive a NOKIA 6020. If you send this email to 20 people or more,   you will receive a NOKIA 6630 Phone. Don’t forget to mail a copy of this email to to ensure that your participation is noted.

</email content end>

One old version of this mail with Nokia’s public denial can be read at this link:


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