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May 7, 2008

Virus Email or Spam – common identifiers

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VIRUS EMAIL would be sent by any email address of any account, because some crackers always search and catch email address in mailboxes FROM, TO: and CC: of sending email including users address book. More advanced hackers/spammers can even include subject lines from user mailboxes. That’s the reason why the virus email looks like was sent by a friend, family member or from some genuine companies.

How to identify if the email has a virus? Below are some common identifiers:

  1. Email attachment size is small ( 181-285 KB )
  2. Has extensions like:
    • *.scr
    • *.pif
    • *.zip
    • *.HQX
    • *.MQX
    • *.mim
    • *.bat
    • *.exe
    • *.com
    • *.txt
    • *.doc
    • *.clp
    • *.lhz
    • *.rhz
    • and more other new extension name files
  3. Have email subjects like:
    • Hi 🙂
    • Pictures.
    • Weah ^_^ :))
    • Hokki=)
    • ello!=))
    • Hello -:))
    • Hey, dude, it’s me ^_^
    • access Mpeg
    • Re:your text
    • Re:Text message
    • Re:Msg reply
    • Re:Is that your document?
    • Re:Hot Movie(MPEG)
    • Re:Information. ..
    • Re;Important info
    • Re:This is your photos!: )
    • And more and more…

Beware such emails are dangerous.

  • If one of your files has an infected virus, it could infect other files and then all files in your hard drive when you open or access it.
  • Don’t open or reply virus emails.
  • If the email sounds genuine but has an attachment and you are not sure, just call up the sender and ask for confirmation before opening it.

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