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November 14, 2006

Help a Child in Need

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Puja or pooja, the kidnapped child, who was letter rescued and sent to Orphanage, is finding her lost parents Wish you a very happy Children’s day! On this children’s day, lets help a child, Pooja (girl in the picture) by helping her find her parents with the power of Internet.
An email with her sad story is making rounds these days and on some googling it was found that everything from the mail is correct.

 The story goes like this: Eight months ago a four year old Pooja was kidnapped by a begger to beg for him and got noticed by Kerala Police on Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station on April 13, who then jailed him and sent Pooja to Orphanage, Nirmala Sisu Bhavan in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. On interrogation, Police found that the begger was deaf & dumb and let him off as they didn’t get much information about the girl and her parents or place from where he had kidnapped her.
About Pooja: Pooja’s primary language is Hindi (Bihari accent) and as per Pooja, her mother’s name is Munni Devi and Father’s name is Raju. Pooja says she has a younger brother and an elder sister. She says her place is Nagaluppe, but no one has heard about this place.
More information about Pooja,her photographs and this incident is available on, a website launched by a good human being to support this e-mail campaign.

According to a news dated November 13, 2006 on News website, Newindpress – IT hasn’t yet helped Pooja find her parents, the orphanage is getting large number of calls and almost all callers claim to be her parents or want to adopt the child. But these frequent calls have now become a nuisance for the orphanage authorities and they even fear to send Pooja to school. After 8 months there is still no success so authorities have only two choices Adoption or send Pooja for post-care and the CJM is expected to take a decision by end of this month.

We can help her by spreading the news and hope to find her parents one day and not by becoming a trouble for her and nuisance for the Orphanage as mentioned in above news.


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