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May 7, 2008

Virus Email or Spam – common identifiers

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VIRUS EMAIL would be sent by any email address of any account, because some crackers always search and catch email address in mailboxes FROM, TO: and CC: of sending email including users address book. More advanced hackers/spammers can even include subject lines from user mailboxes. That’s the reason why the virus email looks like was sent by a friend, family member or from some genuine companies.

How to identify if the email has a virus? Below are some common identifiers:

  1. Email attachment size is small ( 181-285 KB )
  2. Has extensions like:
    • *.scr
    • *.pif
    • *.zip
    • *.HQX
    • *.MQX
    • *.mim
    • *.bat
    • *.exe
    • *.com
    • *.txt
    • *.doc
    • *.clp
    • *.lhz
    • *.rhz
    • and more other new extension name files
  3. Have email subjects like:
    • Hi 🙂
    • Pictures.
    • Weah ^_^ :))
    • Hokki=)
    • ello!=))
    • Hello -:))
    • Hey, dude, it’s me ^_^
    • access Mpeg
    • Re:your text
    • Re:Text message
    • Re:Msg reply
    • Re:Is that your document?
    • Re:Hot Movie(MPEG)
    • Re:Information. ..
    • Re;Important info
    • Re:This is your photos!: )
    • And more and more…

Beware such emails are dangerous.

  • If one of your files has an infected virus, it could infect other files and then all files in your hard drive when you open or access it.
  • Don’t open or reply virus emails.
  • If the email sounds genuine but has an attachment and you are not sure, just call up the sender and ask for confirmation before opening it.

September 16, 2007

Very Important about this Blog – just Awareness Information

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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy that my blog has been helpful for lot of visitors and will keep doing so. 
From last few weeks this blog is receiving some comments from users asking for help, for example read some comments from users on Safeguard your mobile post.
I personally thank you for writing your comments/feedback and opinions on the posts but request you not to expect any action from my side as this is just a awareness information and not any kind of service. I am just like you, working in IT industry at UXM, Satyam (read more about me), and whenever I am free and I have some information that I think can help others, I just post it on this blog. It is natural that if your case/experience is similar to any post on this blog you might think this could be right platform to address your problem like many people have asked to find out their stolen mobiles but I am helpless and have no relationship with police/govt agencies.

I request you to write your similar experiences on my blog as they can help other visitors but if you are requesting for my help, forgive me as I won’t be able to help you on it and request you not to get frustrated if I could not write back to you if you are expecting my reply.

Keep visiting! Save yourself and Save others!!!!

– Dinesh Gajbhiye. 

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